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How To Bypass Remote On Hampton Bay Fan


By: John

So you have a Hampton Bay fan but you want to be able to bypass the remote control. How do you do this you may ask? This article How To Bypass Remote On Hampton Bay Fan will answer this question for you. Notice first what Blurtit.com has to say:

How To Bypass Remote On Hampton Bay Fan

How to bypass remote on hampton bay fan

If you take the fan down and remove the guard exposing the guts (wires) you can rewire the unit to bypass the remote sensor unit. Replace the switch on the wall with a ceiling fan dimmer switch. This way speed can still be controlled. If the fan has lights you will have to wire them in with the fan, so they both come on when you hit the switch…unless you have a pull chain…..you can also contact Hampton Bay and tell them the remote was broke when you bought it and they will send you a new one.

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If this doesn’t help you then you might like to check out the article below about How To Bypass Remote On Hampton Bay Fan:

The remote control receiver should have three outputs (or perhaps four) –
one for the light, one for the fan, and one neutral. If you have a
multimeter, you can test which is which and just remove the RC receiver
and wire directly to the switches.

If it’s like my Hampton Bay w/remote, the remote receiver is located
in the cup that the lights mount to. The lights wire directly to the
receiver, but it would be simple to rewire them. The receiver module
has a 9 pin connector that brings in the power and motor connections.
I assume there are so many connections because the remote can select
fan speed and direction.

Note, there is no manual direction switch, nor a speed switch on the
fan, since those functions are performed by the remote.

The connector is not marked as to what pins are for what function. I
imagine a few minutes experimentation with a meter would enable you to
figure out what the wires are for. At a minimum, you are going to
have to snake a third wire through the fan body because there are only
two wires (white and black) now.

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If you are handy with electrical things you should be right with doing the wiring otherwise take it into a certified electrician as tampering with the fan can void your warranty. If you liked this article on How To Bypass Remote On Hampton Bay Fan then please click the like button below.

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