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Hampton Bay Replacement Parts


By: John

So you have a hampton bay product but you have a broken or missing piece or part and need a replacement. Did you know this is the number one problem many of our visitors need help with. No doubt you are here because its also a problem for you, weather it be a ceiling fan blade or a bulb or a broken lighting track or a broken fixture whatever the case here is the post that will help you find or locate the replacement part you may need. We have called this post aptly by hampton bay replacement parts. Please read on for instructions on finding a replacement part.

hampton bay replacement parts

Hampton Bay Replacement Parts

After getting numerous questions regarding missing or broken parts I decided to contact Home Depot and see what could be done. I had to wait a few minutes and go through a few selections on my phone which was a little annoying but after a couple of minutes I was finally talking to an agent for Hampton Bay.

I stated that I needed a replacement glass shade/globe for a Hampton Bay Trillium, what can i do? (Please note this is the method for all Hampton Bay products not just glass shades).

She stated I needed to contact the Hampton Bay Replacement Parts Department. So great, there is actually a department that deals with replacing Hampton Bay parts.

So how do you contact the Hampton Bay Replacement Parts Department?

Simply call 1-877-527-0313 then select option #2. This department will then help you find the replacement part you need for your hamton Bay product.

I asked if they have a website and this is the website, although the website is only for new hampton bay products. You will have to call the number above to get replacement parts. But here is the website: http://www.hamptonbay.com – This website will redirect to the appropriate page on homedepot.com.

So thats how you get a Hampton Bay Replacement Parts.

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